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20 Social Media Sites I Had No Clue About

I am tasked with finding social media sites/tools that I have never used before. This is going to be hard because I am on the web all the time. Hopefully I find a few.

  1. – This site calculates how influential to the people around you are based on your social network interactions.
  2. - Creates a visual resume for you based off your LinkedIn profile.
  3. - Save links for later and everyone to see
  4. - Comment based social network. Noticed it when I tried to post something on Engadget.
  5. - Travel based social network. Connect with people across the world so when you travel you will know someone.
  6. - Matches engineers with start-ups based on skills and LinkedIn.
  7. - news and reviews about different cars and vechicles
  8. - sneakpeeq is a social shopping application on Facebook that brings the benefits of the in-store shopping experience to the online world.
  9. - helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Can share with groups of people and collectively share resources. Probably will use this for the rest of my masters research.
  10. - helps people keep in touch with their friends from the past
  11. - student resource site for almost anything you can think of
  12. - social networking site which connects you to everyone and everything you care about. keeps you up to date with what’s going on with stuff you’re interested in.
  13. - has various projects posted by others on how to do things. Users post, comment, etc on projects to help.
  14. - for cooking and food
  15. – online social network for DJ’s and music enthusiasts. Very cool site
  16. - I feel like I should have known this one, but it’s for artists to show and get feedback on their work.
  17. - makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face.
  18. - manage all of your important relationships on any device. Meet someone, add them on hashable.
  19. – social network for people who post music/make their own music.
  20. - yet another one I should have known about. Review local businesses in your area for others

After compiling this list, I was surprised I hadn’t known about a few of the big ones (yelp, soundcloud, deviant art, etc). I guess for all the time I spend online even I still miss somethings. I will definitely be looking into these more as I get more time. The one I found most interesting was Klout. Rating how you influence everyone you are connected to on social media sites. Thought that was pretty cool.


A co-worker just turned me on to this site –> It’s a site that you can watch videos and movies together with your friends. Sign up so I can see what it’s like.


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