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Utilizing Social Media in the Classroom: A Reflection

For my social media/social internet class this semester we were tasked with delivering a presentation, as a class to the class. The only stipulation was communication needed to be done solely through Twitter. What an experience to say the least.

My group’s topics included social media uses in the US and Internationally. Finding information on such topics was not hard, but when trying to combine the entire classes information it started to get harder. We ended up using Google Docs to organize our presentation, which I thought it was a good plan of action and seemed to work well for the class.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to present my portion to the class, but I heard it went pretty well. Our teacher said we did pretty good for only having a week and only communicating via social media.

My Experience

When we were assigned topics I didn’t really think it would be hard to get this task done. Boy was I wrong. My group met outside of class twice to figure out our game plan for this presentation. I think that was a good thing, being able to meet in small groups.

During the week, I got totally lost with what was going on. I have a lot of things going on in my life at this moment and didn’t have time to keep up with everything. Looking through the class Twitter list seemed to help, but I still seemed to have a hard time sifting through all the previous Tweets to find what I was looking for. It may have been that some Tweets didn’t have #hashtags, or maybe I just missed it. I’ve been known to overlook items before, and this was the only hard part about this assignment.

Overall, I feel everything went well. It was hard collaborating with others over social media platforms when I’ve never done it before. This helped open my eyes to my research topic, social media in higher education. I thought of some good ideas for testing my sample population and found things that I now want to change after going through this experience.


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