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TECH 621: Final Project Ideas

For our final project in my TECH 621 class (social media in the workplace) we have to carry out research about social media. I just wanted to cover what topics I might be considering or what maybe some ideas people can help me out with.

Topic Ideas

Throughout this semester, even though it has only been a few weeks, I have been introduced to the world of social media in a way that I really cannot explain. All of my classes, friends, parent even, use social media. For that reason I wanted to do research on how individuals, ranging in age from 18-30, feel about Facebook and Twitter, when compared to one another. This would involve a simple survey that people would take with predetermined questions to find out if people use Twitter and Facebook for different things, and overall which platform they like better.

This would be from the individuals perspective, of course. There is only one way to find out about what others think, ask them.

Research Questions

These are the questions I will be trying to solve, not the questions I will be asking the individuals participating in the study. I get confused sometimes so I figured I would clarify.

  1. Is Twitter used for collaboration more than Facebook?
  2. How are Twitter and Facebook used daily?
  3. Is there a specific purpose people use one platform over the other?How does Twitter’s 140 character limit compare to Facebook’s status updates?

Who Cares?

Who really cares about this research? Good question. If no one cares then why do it. Well I feel various types of people will benefit from this research. I feel the people who will benefit most will be marketers. They need to be able find out what online platform is best for their company. How are people using it? How can we portray our company in a good light to people? What is trending? The list goes on and on. People care why others use the different platforms.

Also, I care, not just because I have to but because this really interests me. Why sometimes do I feel like not using a specific social media on a certain day? Is it something to do with the site and what’s its entire goal? Very interesting.

Related To Me? I Hope So

This is related to my research in the aspect of social media. My final thesis focuses on social media in higher education, more specifically the integration of microblogging into the classroom and how effective it is from the student’s perspective. Finding out why people use different social media platforms could definitely help me out in my research. It can help me determine what type of people will react well to integration with a microblogging and why they might feel that way.


  1. Doing a literature review on social media is tough, as I found out when I was doing the lit review for my proposal. Is there a certain length we have to do for this portion of the paper because relevant material might not be applicable?
  2. Can we have sub questions in our research paper? Ex) my second question
  3. What is the format of the paper? I assume APA as usual, but I am wondering about the rest of the paper. Two Columns or One? Table of Contents? Just need a little guidance.

Can’t wait to actually get this started, maybe…. I guess we’ll see where how it goes.


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