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Apple: The Epitome of Design

I am a Mac user, I love Apple, I think Steve Jobs was a visionary who was taken too soon, and I will always recommend Apple products to anyone I meet. One of the things I like about Apple the most (besides their products) is their website. Windows fanboys try not to troll too much as I use Windows on a constant basis as well.

Apple’s website has always been innovative as well as ahead of the curve. Sounds familiar, as Apple as a whole is like this. Just look at the home page.

Simple, elegant, and conveys just the right amount of information. I especially like their use of colors, or should I say lack of colors seeing as Apple uses white a lot, and they are really good at it.

Apple also does a great job of how it displays information; imagery. Every product Apple produces has an “Image” and this is what they use to link to it on their site. They only display what you really “need” to see and nothing else. I think it is a great thing.

I am going to work more on expanding this post over the next couple weeks since there are so many things I like about the Apple site.


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