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Oh Outlook How I Hate You (updated)

When I first started my job two years ago, I had the “pleasure” of using Outlook as my email client. Thankfully I got transitioned over to Gmail, which is unbelievably better. Enough about that, I’m here to talk about how much Outlook sucks.

I want to point out one, and only one thing Outlook violates in relation to design and heuristics, because it pisses me off more than anything. I can never change any settings when I need to configure different accounts or anything that goes along with that. It never works. Everything is so complicated I just give up (quitters never win, and winners never quit; oh well). I feel the thing I hated most was changing my preferences for specific email accounts. I go to the point where I would never really know what email account I was trying to change, which settings had been saved, and if I’d actually accomplished anything while doing this.

This violates Nielsen’s usability heuristic relating to flexibility and efficiency of use. Outlook is anything but flexible. You do something Outlook’s way or you don’t do it at all. Efficiency goes out the window when you initially open the application. I cannot describe in words how mad I have gotten from using Outlook, and how long I’ve sat in front of the computer trying to remedy a problem.

Cheers to you Microsoft, you made another horrible product.


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