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Skrillex - First of the Year Video

Recently, I have been listening to music I normally would not have, dubstep. While some categorize this as “techno,” there are many different genre’s people don’t know about. A friend of mine actually started a blog called Quit Calling It Techno, which posts about new music in this genre while trying to tell people to stop calling it Techno. I also have a couple other friends who put together other websites distributing mashups, remixes, and dubstep.

Check out these websites if you’re interested in mashups at all: and

So now that I’m done pointing out which websites I think are awesome (hint hint, go check them out), I can finally get to the start of talking about Skrillex.

Skrillex released his official video of First of the Year (embedded below) a few weeks ago. When did dubstep artists start making music videos? No clue, but this video makes me feel like they should keep on not making them. As you watch this music video, you find out how a petafile get’s tricked by a little girl.

As the video plays, you think the man is going to get the little girl, but instead gets throughly surprised when she turns out to be a demon. In the end the girl wins and you see how many people she has done this too.

While I like the song, is this really a good message to be sending to impressionable people? I don’t care at my age, but I could see how parents and various other people would. Maybe dubstep should keep to music and skimp on the videos like they have been doing for so long.


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