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The Machine is Us/ing Us

We recently talked about how organization has changed due to the digital era. We are now the people who determine how information is organized, instead of one person who determines organization for the rest of us.

Organization, in the past, was defined by physical limitations, yet in the digital age those are removed from the equation. Now, the same item can be in two places at once. Take for example books. A specific book can only be in one place. In the digital world, that book can be in any number of places at the same time. Pretty cool huh?

Tagging is one of the things done today helping people organize information. This can be seen on Flickr, where tags are generated by a user (can be whatever they want), which will form an organization later. This is a bottom-up process, instead of top-down processes that are used in the physical world.

An interesting video helps to explain this point more, and I embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.


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