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Klout: Are You Serious? Social Influence v. Online Reputation

Over the past couple weeks I have been obsessed with Klout, and how I influence people on the internet. For those of you who don’t know what Klout is, I will briefly explain. Klout is a website that tries to measure your online influence based on the interactions you have over the different networks you connect.

I was really into Klout, like really into it. I would do things trying to raise my score, yet for some reason after a certain point my score plateaued. I started to work harder at it, to no avail.

We then talked about Klout in my social media class and how what it is “actually” doing. We were able to relate Klout to the very basics of marketing and advertising. Marketers are able to see the topics you influence people about and through that they can offer different perks. This is in hope that you use them and then somehow spread more information about them. Basically using you to advertise for themselves. Pretty smart huh?

I recently read an article on Work Smart Lifestyle comparing social media influence (aka Klout) vs. online reputation. I was changed. I realized it didn’t matter to me how many people I influence, it only mattered that I was seen as a reputable source of information. After thinking about it more, I realized I am really only interested in building a great online reputation.

I plan on working to create a good online reputation by posting relevant information to my field, tutorials, and general examples of things I have found that work well and those that don’t. If my information is transmitted to the masses, great, but that is only going to be an added bonus.

To see how ridiculous Klout has made things, check out this video. A professor based grades on Klout scores and also says berating students because of low score is acceptable. I would tend to disagree.


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