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Dealing with Blackboard

I have been using Blackboard since beginning college at Purdue University in 2007. No, I will not provide the link to this site because you shouldn’t go there if you don’t have to. Purdue’s version of Blackboard is a knock-off of the real Blackboard being used at universities around the US, maybe even yours, and has its own set of problems.

During my college career, Blackboard has had a slew of problems. PDF’s don’t load. Grades cannot be seen. Professors don’t know how to use it. You name it, it happened. Aside from these issues, it is also very unappealing to look at. I posted a screenshot of the home screen you are brought to after you login.

After looking at it you may say, “wow. It looks horrible.” I was along the same lines, thinking it was so horrible that I didn’t even like using it because it bores me. The way they get you to use this site is by serving course content. Who would have thought? A school forcing students to use a bad online program? Never.

While it has its technical problems, I want to highlight how the “Help” section of the site really doesn’t help in anyway and the site is not aesthetically pleasing. These two problems address two of Nielsen’s ten recommended usability heuristics. These are the help and documentation and aesthetic and minimalist design heuristics.


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