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The Design of Reddit, breifly

Never thought I would be combining social media with usability, oh wait that’s kind of the point huh? Or at least the way things are going these days.

Reddit is a social news site, great for people who love getting in arguments, trolling, and actually reading information. News is aggregated to your home page based on what others thought about it. Reddit is in some ways like 4chan. Instead of /b/[category], Reddit uses /r/[category], and there is a category for almost everything under the sun.

While Reddit is a great site, something needs to be said about their design. While it follows Nielsen’s usability heuristic relating to minimalist design (boy it’s good at being minimalist) it’s design is no where near aesthetically pleasing, another usability heuristic. Even with this, I will keep on coming back to this site just because it is awesome. I recommend you check it out.


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