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Facebook for Android

After waiting for almost 3 years, I finally got a new phone. Why did I wait this long? I was up for an upgrade and wanted the Droid Bionic, but then the release date kept moving so I figured I would wait for the HTC Rezound (previously the Vigor) and get that. It was a long wait, but I finally got my phone. It’s so much better than the feature phone I had before.

After loading all the apps necessary to a college students life, I took a look at the Facebook app (not first, that was Twitter). I was utterly confused. I all it showed me was a news feed and buttons for pictures, status updates, and checking in at places. Where do I see everything else? I was going to put a picture of the screen, but apparently Android phones have to be either rooted or go through a huge process to do this. Sorry guys.

I eventually found that clicking “news feed” would bring me to the main menu, but it was not apparent at first, or second, or third, etc. Relating this to usability, I feel it violates Nielsen’s usability heuristic of User control and freedom. I felt like I had no control to go anywhere. It was all up to the Facebook Gods. Not good!


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