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Have you ever wanted to DJ? Are you on the computer a lot? If you answered yes to both those questions, I suggest you check out, an online DJing website where you can DJ your stuff, other people's stuff, or basically whatever you want.

When I first started using turntable, the “lobby,” or home page, was a abysmal sight to see. Absolutely nothing was there except a list of DJ rooms that looked like it took only an hour to put together (it probably took a really long time, and as a web developer I applaud them).

Much has changed since then. They have improved the DJ rooms and overhauled the lobby, which is pictured below.

I feel this new lobby is exponentially better than the old one. It seems to do a good job at matching itself to the real world. It uses “rooms” to describe a place to go to listen to music and “DJ’s” are the users. They seem to have used a literal translation for their site, which follows Nielsen’s usability heuristic relating to a match between the system and the real world.

It is a great website and I suggest you check it out no matter what. You may even find some new music you never knew you liked.


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