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Branding Strategy: The Arcadia Studio

I am in my last semester at Purdue as of now and am taking a class on branding. To say the least, this class is an experience as I am a computer guy in an art class. For our first assignment our class had to come up with a branding strategy for a client.

While I am not an expert in branding, this was just my first attempt, and hopefully I will be getting better as this class progresses.

The Client

Our client was an architect focused on starting his own firm up in northern Michigan (Arcadia). Over a couple weeks our class had the opportunity to talk with him to get a “feel” for what he was looking for. We then compiled a list of what was important to him. I came up with the following:

  • The environment (most important. mentioned it a billion times)
  • Quality work
  • Customer Relations
  • Working well with the construction companies
  • Appreciation for Design

These just happen to be what the brand was focused on, or the desired perceptions that his company wants to portray to their customers

The Brand Strategy

After identifying what our client wanted to stand for, we got into the branding strategy. This should be long and tough right? Nah, the strategy I came up with is relatively simple and is “Quality design which compliments the surrounding environment.”I really wanted to focus on the environmental aspect of the brand, since I’m from Michigan as well and realize Michiganders love the environment.

This then leads into my positioning statement, or how the company should position itself relative to its competitors. This statement was “The Arcadia Studio is an architecture firm, always providing quality work and specializing in environmentally friendly designs in northern Michigan.” Pretty simple right?

My Mark

Since my branding strategy focused primarily on the environment, I tried my best to include something of the sort in my mark/logo for the company, which is below.

It took me FOR-EV-ER (anyone get the Sandlot reference?) to make this version of the logo. Some of the stuff I came up with first was awful, but after the various revisions this was finally possible. Going through this process definitely made me appreciate designers more and more. This stuff was hard.

I would like to thank all the other students in my class for giving me the ideas and constructive criticism to make this final logo possible.

Other Deliverables

These are just some of the other deliverables I made for this project. Nothing too fancy, but good stuff that is usually made when doing branding.


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