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My Personal Brand

Before graduating college, I took a class about branding. I posted previously about the branding I did for the Arcadia Studio, but now I get to write about something much more exciting, MY BRAND. I’m basically going to go over 3 things:

  1. What I was thinking
  2. The start of my brand
  3. My finalized brand

My Thought Process

I am a web developer. I love to travel. I love creating things. I love new experiences. I enjoy meeting people. I like new situations, even if they are outside my comfort zone. I am web developer that has a life (trying not to stereotype too much here, but it’s hard). I wanted to incorporate these different aspects of me into my brand, but I honestly had no idea where to start.

Brainstorming My Brand

Our class started out by determining our position statement, or how we want to position ourselves in our chosen field. My positioning statement ended up being, “As a web developer my free time consist of continually learning up-and-coming technologies, which help me create unique easy-to-use web applications that offer the best possible interactive experience and give me something to be proud of.”This only speaks to what I like to do relating to my job, not the other things I enjoy. I knew, somehow, I had to incorporate the others into my brand.

The Beginning

Below are some of the concepts I came up with during my first round of ideation.

I was told the first one looks like it would go on a wine label. Good thought if I ever make my own wine. The middle logo screams A/V, which means what? Audio/Visual. Great initials huh? With the comments from my fellow students in mind, I chose to work more on the last logo (far right).

The End

After much more work (and a little frustration), I created a logo that captures the two, differing aspects that make me who I am (web developer and adventurer).

I’ll explain what I was trying to accomplish here. The “Alex” portion represents the adventurer in me. The font is not computer generated (actually my handwriting). The “Vernacchia” portion is computer generated and hopefully helps represent me in a more professional way. Finally, my first name hooks onto my last name, intertwining the two. Kind of like Yin and Yang now that I think about it.

This branding will show up on my new website, which I am working on now. Can’t wait to get it done!


I am a life-long learner, adventure seeker, and front-end developer for @ExactTarget