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Indy GiveCamp and Pathway to Recovery

This past weekend I participated in Indy GiveCamp, which is a charity event for non-profits around Indianapolis. The goal of Indy GiveCamp was to make "something" that helped these non-profits; Delivering a product or service they don't have time or resources to create/update.

Pathway to Recovery

The non-profit my team was stuck with, just messing it was a great time, was Pathway to Recovery. They aim to give the homeless another chance at life by putting them through a 3 step program. I think it's great what they're doing. Sandy, their Director, seems super passionate about it, which is awesome and made the weekend much more enjoyable!

Pre GiveCamp Website

During the first couple hours of GiveCamp we investigated Pathway to Recovery's current website. It was very basic. The CMS they used was very lightweight, and good for editing content that was already there. Not the best for creating new content.

It also didn't translate well when viewing on a mobile device, and they wanted a better way to collect contact information.

After this initial analysis of their site, our goals became:

  1. Empower everyone to easily update content and create new content in a streamlined way
  2. Deliver a mobile friendly design
  3. Add better contact form integration with products they are already using


Post GiveCamp Website

Our team ended up starting fresh and using WordPress as their new CMS. Yeah WordPress sucks to develop on, but it gives Pathway to Recovery so many more options and really empowers them to create and edit content how they wish.

One of the two designer at GiveCamp came up with a killer new design for them. Initially, I thought Sandy wasn't going to like what they came up with, she's very particular, but she liked it and we were finally able to get started on a custom WordPress theme the second day.

While I was busting out the new design and intergrating it into WordPress, the rest of the team was teaching Pathway to Recovery about WordPress and how to use it. They also found some great plugins that helped transfer the contact form data right into a Google Spreadsheet.

In the end it turned out great. Pathway to Recovery seemed very happy with everything we delievered to them at the end of the event.

I feel confident they will be able to update and edit their site with relative easy due to the efforts our team made. Overall it was a great experience!

We Delivered

  1. A new CMS system
    • Included 4-5 custom templates for different content types
    • Custom menus that when changed, update other sections of the site
    • A news section that displays the lastest post they've made on the home page
  2. A new design
  3. Better contact forms
    • Integrated with Google Spreadsheets
  4. A mobile friendly design (reponsive design)



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