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Node on the Road

A few weeks ago, a co-worker and I had the opportunity to speak at Node on the Road; Presented by Joyent. We traveled all the way from Indianapolis to Cincinnati. Long trip (/s), especially the ride back after hanging out with the Modulus team when all the presentations had finished.

Our presentation covered:

  1. How ExactTarget uses Node.js
  2. What challenges we face
  3. What we are doing to fix those challenges
  4. The future of Node.js at ExactTarget

Unfortunately I cannot embed our presentation on my site, but Joyent has it on their site.

After watching the video I will be working hard to improve my public speaking skills (I'm the one on the right), mainly by talking less with my hands. Overall, I thought it went pretty well. Any feedback is welcome, as always.


I am a life-long learner, adventure seeker, and front-end developer for @ExactTarget